Mortal Gods Army Builder

Finally managed to have some time to be able to catch up with this.

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Community Spotlight No.1

                                      NEW LOGO

So, as we said on the latest podcast, we want to do a bit of a look at the people in the community that we know little about but who are very prolific members of the community. Our first subject who has been gracing the pages of many of the Test of Honour and related content pages with his major and on-going project for the Battle of Sekigahara, is Alfonso Oclaf, and let him answer the questions set to him by Kieran over a cup or glass of something:


Alfonso, your ongoing project can be seen over the test of honour pages, will you give us some insight into the inspiration behind it?

‘It is really simple I always wanted to play a Samurai game ever since I saw the Perry’s dioramas. I knew I would need to paint both sides because none of my friends would ever commit to painting a Samurai force. I have always been interested in Japanese culture ever since I was a child’

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Testing, Testing 1,2,3

With Test of Honour Version 2 on the horizon and lots of extra bits from grey for games due as well we are hoping to get the blog a little more active. Maybe some terrain articles a look at the wider community and what people are doing.

So keep an eye on the blog and if we can cover something you specifically want please let us know.

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Review: Warring Clans Samurai miniatures

So here we are finally I have the new warring clans range from footsore/warbanner. So with this article I am taking a look at the 12 samurai models and next week sometime we will have a look at the ashigaru miniatures. So the above 12 minis are availible as a bundle currently and also include the ashigaru sergeant figure. So 13 in total all for £45 saving you £7 on buying them individually. I purchased the complete bundle for £115 saving me £17 on everything. Continue reading “Review: Warring Clans Samurai miniatures”

Warring States 2: Warband Introduction

Asuka and the Nightsisters



During the warring states period many villages and towns found their young men joining the ranks of the local lords armies. This left the towns ripe for plunder by opposing forces or Bandits. One such village found itself under attack by several bandits, however the local women were no strangers to the sword, they learnt long ago that those who do not wield a blade can still die upon them. Asuka, wife of the local swordmaster and extremely skilled swordswomen led several of the townswomen and fought back against the more numerous bandits, caught off guard by this sudden and violent counter attack the bandits fell back. Sadly the village was already burning and the winter supplies taken or ruined. Many of these women were injured either by blade or fire, Asuka herself took a blazing brand strike to her face scarring her badly. Now they go to battle with faces painted in terrifying visages. Asuka wears a mask ashamed she allowed herself to get hit. With nothing to stay for and revenge burning on their minds they set out to hunt down the bandits who razed their village, along the way they help out others in need, recruiting skilled women into the ranks. They strike deadly and swift and all are learning to fear the name “Nightsisters”