Test of Honour Army Builder

Test of Honour Version 2 has now been around long enough that I can release the Army Builder and not spoil all the fun. If you haven’t had a look at whats in it then i suggest you check out Matt’s review here.

Much like the Army Builder for Version 1, this one is based around a simple XLS file. I’m not a App specialist so its a case of keep it simple. I’ve added in all the new units up to and including the new set Unlikely Allies.

Things to Do..

Still a couple of things for me to finish off/add etc.

  1. Work out how Oda will adjust points
  2. Add in the Quest/Fate cards etc.
  3. Add all the Free downloadable cards.

Not much really I know 🙂

So you can download the current version of the Army Builder from here.

If you spot any mistakes please let me know.

As always you can find out what were upto and catchup with the latest goings on on our facebook page.

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